Products and Services

TROLLPOE focuses on building the most efficient service network and is committed to becoming an excellent global  four  to provide cross-border e-commerce customers with comprehensive, high-standard and professional logistics solutions.


Special line service

  • Full-oriented services
  • High controllability
  • Personalized solutions
  • Price discounts
  • Real-time tracking
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Express Service

  • Four express resources
  • Standard services
  • Global coverage
  • Time-controlled
  • Real-time tracking
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Postal Service

  • UPU resources
  • Affordable
  • Wide distribution scope
  • High security
  • Real-time tracking
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Large goods service

  • Diversified transport modes
  • Time-controlled
  • Standard services
  • Personalized solutions
  • Real-time tracking
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Comprehensive import platform

Provides systematical and flexible solutions and 24-hour full-oriented online services.

Independent import platform

Provides the customized cooperation process and the most cost-effective solution.

Comprehensive export platform

Provides customized services for cross-border comprehensive export platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Wish.

Independent export platform

Provides professional and customized solutions for independent cross-border platforms.


Provides fast, efficient, and stable comprehensive solutions for import and export, and displays complete route information for each order.

Current Cooperative

TROLLPOE has developed into a quality choice of thousands of cross-border e-commerce companies and Daigou groups. Professional services, strong technical support, good network-wide operations, and a series of value-added services have made TROLLPOE the best partner.